Monday, July 01, 2019

Update to Blue Ridge Quartet post

Howdy.  I'm recovering from bronchitis, which had been building up for a little over a week when I went to the local urgent care on Saturday.  I'm starting to feel a lot better.  I blame my bronchitis for my goof-up in yesterday's Blue Ridge Quartet playlist, where I left off the last four numbers.  Oops!  Luckily, the numbers are on the file itself.  Many thanks to Josh for alerting me!

I just now filled in the written playlist, tracking down the writer/composer credits (the label gives credit to the arranger or arrangers instead of the writers--common gospel LP tradition with public domain numbers).  An easy task on the two more famous standards--Shall We Gather and Leaning--but not as easy for the other two--Cleanse Me and Lord Lead Me On--though it just took some cross-searching to get to the real folks on these.  Cleanse Me, which uses a Maorian melody (whose tune, appropriately enough, is titled Maori) is usually called Search Me, O God, and its text is from 1936.  (Thanks Cyber Hymnal!)  Lord, Lead Me On is credited all over the place to a Kenneth Tuttle, whose name must have appeared on the Carl Story or Bill Monroe recordings.  Anyway, its real author-composer is Marion W. Easterling.  My thanks to

And now, I'm back to kicking this bronchitis.  Along with the meds, sleep is doing wonders. Rain in the forecast now, with me having slept away three or four dry days.  So it goes sometimes!

Thanks again to Josh.  I thought that playlist looked a little too slim....



A man for whom Christ died said...

Again, no problem, glad to do what I can. I believe we have a Church Hymnal (or two) around here somewhere, but due to it's previous owner, some pages are missing ARGH! Jess went to play a song from it the other day, but that's one of the missing pages! Whatever the song was, I believe she found it in the Mull's book we have here. Next time something like this comes up, I'll see if she can look for and/or verify the authors. 'Til later, love and prayin' for ya!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I know the bronchitis thing. Take your time and get well. I've had mine become pneumonia so be careful.