Sunday, April 05, 2020

I'm redoing my Earl Fuller post

Greetings.  In a day or so, I'll be putting up brighter, better-sounding files to replace the Earl Fuller files I featured last post.  Those did not come out very well, imo.  Long story, but I had created and saved an equalization page template on the program I use to rip my vinyl and shellac--VinylStudio. Because I had modified a VS preset to create the template, I figured the preset's inverse RIAA curve would be saved along with my eq.  But it wasn't.  And so the files I gave you contained the RIAA (or LP) curve, which doesn't go well with most 78s--early ones, especially  I had wondered why I was getting such heavy audio and why it took so much work to coax brightness from the files--and now I know why.

The redone versions, so far, are sounding a lot better--lighter, brighter, but still boasting some needed low end.  So, tomorrow or Monday, I'll have the replacement files up and ready to download.  But if you have no problem with the files I put up, then no need to replace them, I guess.

There's no way I could have anticipated this problem--namely, that my saved template would not include all the features of the modified response curve--but I should have investigated matters before putting up the post, because things just weren't sounding right.

I find it odd that my modified and retitled preset only retains the revised equalization and not the inverse RIAA curve, and I guess I could ask the software makers (they're very good and quick at answering), but I'm not sure I could word it in a way that makes sense.

Sorry if this post was less than crystal clear.  Bottom line: new and improved Earl Fuller files are on the way!  Hooray!

Meanwhile, could somebody please tell my allergies to give me a break?  The record-breaking amounts of rain in these parts have things blooming much earlier than they normally would, so I'm suffering like it was late May.  And you don't want a stuffy head and body aches when a deadly virus is making its rounds....



Jim said...

Sir -

This sort of errant knavery is simply unacceptable.
To quote no less a personage than Donna Reed on the matter, "Perfection is not optional."

When one has achieved the status of "Internet Famous" certain expectations must be met.

I need not remind you, sir, that this is the 21st Century - in Plague Time - and that wholesome entertainment for those in seclusion is both necessary and vital. Any sort of defect or interruption of that entertainment is tantamount to treason, sedition and outright indolence.

If this sort of vagrant tomfoolery continues I will go over your head. I have influence at the Visalia Falls Daily Herald and will see to it that the editor receives a strenuously worded text detailing your auditory misdemeanors.

You have been put on notice!

PS: Keep the vintage posts coming!

Diane said...

Allergies, go away! Come again no other day!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Ha! Thanks--will do.

Lee Hartsfeld said...


Didn't work. Darn. This pollen won't listen to reason....

Timmy said...

Try hot tea, maybe "Constant Comment" with honey of raw sugar (just a tad).
OR ~ a brand called: "Traditional Medicinal".

rev.b said...

At your leisure Lee, always very much appreciated.