Thursday, May 14, 2015

John Blazo ("Ryan's Hope") sings on YouTube

The handsome character on the right is John Blazo, who was Pat Ryan #2 on Ryan's Hope, my favorite soap (of the two soaps I like--the other being Dark Shadows).  I wish they'd kept him longer than a year and some months, but they wouldn't listen to me, especially given that the show had been off the air for nearly 20 years by the time I saw it.  A little late to be protesting a recast decision, I suppose.  Anyway, I thought John was marvelous.

I'd read that John was performing cabaret-style jazz, and I've long been on the lookout for same.  No luck, but then Youtube came to the rescue with fourteen Blazo tracks, uploaded by John himself:

John Blazo 

John sings, backed by a virtuoso jazz trio (guitar, piano, and bass).  Great stuff!


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