Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This cat pees on TV monitors!!


There you have it--Wesley's confession.  Actually, he hasn't confessed to anything, nor has he shown an ounce of remorse.  (He's a cat.)  And, technically, he peed under the monitor, but that's all it took to kill the audio and video.  Now all we have, post-pee, is a fuzzy white image that just sits there, doing nothing.  The monitor is fairly new.  Was, I mean.

So I figured that some on-line shaming might work.  Let's just hope Wesley comes across this page, sees himself (and the account of his deed), and feels really bad.  In fact, I'll just leave this page up on Bev's PC, saving Wesley the trouble of a search.

Yes, Wesley.  That's YOU.  The cat who peed on the TV monitor.

YOU did it.  YOU.

This experiment in on-line cat-shaming was brought to you by MY(P)WHAE.



Ernie said...

Good luck with that. It hardly ever works on cats. Dogs, sometimes, cats, never.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

I fear that you are correct....

(By the way, why do I have to prove I'm not a robot at my OWN BLOG?)

Ernie said...

I'm more afraid you might be a pod person than a robot, but there's not a check box for that.