Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day, 2015--Four awesome 78s!

Four great 78s for Memorial Day, 2015, all ripped by me from my overflowing collection.

E.T. Paull's Battle of Gettysburg march is a joyous affair, though something tells me the real thing was anything but.  However, I wasn't there, so....  We're hearing the beautifully performed (and recorded) 1917 Victor recording by Conway's Band.

Battle of Gettysburg--Conway's Band, 1917.

The lively and memorable American Army March was composed by Geraldo Iasselli (Google says "Iasilli"), and it's performed here by Giuseppe Creatore's band on a 1925 Victor electrical recording.  The fidelity is unbelievably advanced for 1925.  Listening to it through phones, I guessed 1929 or 1930.  I was wrong.  A closer look at the label before listening would have told me, but then my assessment of the fidelity wouldn't have been completely objective--my ears would have known it was 1925.  The preceding sentence was pure M(Y)PWHAE prose.  To the amazing fidelity:

American Army March (G. Iasselli)--Creatore's Band, 1925.

Finally, two 1921 sides (the Victor label, again) by the United States Marine Band: a superior Sousa march, Yorktown Centennial, and the complete Anchors Aweigh march, which I didn't recognize until it got to the famous "Anchors aweigh, my boy..." strain.  How many times did I hear that strain in the Navy?  Thousands.  Maybe millions.  Good thing I love it!  In other news, one of these days I'll learn to spell "Centennial" without Spell-Check.

Is it just me, or are there Johann Strauss, Jr. quotes happening in Anchors?

Yorktown Centennial--March (Sousa)--U.S. Marine Band, 1921
Anchors Aweigh (Charles Zimmermann)--U.S. Marine Band, 1921.


Link for entire playlist: Memorial Day 78s


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