Sunday, July 02, 2017

Mingo presents... Fourth of July, 2017!!

Mingo's eyes were operated on two weeks ago, and they're doing way better.  The way I understand it (and I may be wrong) is that all three of Mingo's eyelids--upper, lower, and inner--were turned the wrong way.  Our vet, Dr. Mike, had never encountered anything like it before and was hesitant at first to operate, but Mingo's condition kept getting worse, so he went ahead, and... now Mingo is looking (and seeing) a lot better!  Mingo can't wait for the local-town fireworks, which are visible from our back yard.

The selections--marches, polkas, fiddle tunes, choral performances, and more--were all ripped by me (with musical direction by Mingo) from 78s and vinyl my collection.  Mingo and I wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth!

Click here to hear:  Fourth of July, 2017

The Standard Bearer March--Conway's Band, 1917
The Star Spangled Banner--Prince's Band, 1916
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean--Prince's Band, 1916
Yorktown Centennial--March (Sousa)--United States Marine Band, 1921
Swanee (Gershwin)--All Star Trio, 1920
Original Jigs and Reels--George Stehl, Violin Solo, 1910
Battle Hymn of the Republic--Victor Mixed Chorus w. Orch., 1928
Arkansas Traveller--Kessinger Brothers, 1928
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere--Budd McCoy, 1959
Stars and Stripes Forever--The Thunderer (Street Organ, Amsterdam), 1959
American Eagle Polka--The Polkateers
Americana Medley--The Banjo Barons, 1959
You're a Grand Old Flag--George M. Cohan, Jr., 1948
Chester (Billings)--Janice Beck, organ
Chester (Billings)--The Gregg Smith Singers, 1969
This Is a Great Country (Irving Berlin)--Lawrence Welk, 1976
This Is My Country--Lawrence Welk, 1976



DonHo57 said...

Conway's Band and Sousa on one compilation...great for the holiday, Lee, thanks you. And thankful for Mingo's improving condition. Have a great weekend and Fourth of July.

Buster said...

Happy Fourth, Lee and family!

Aging Child said...

Happy Fourth of July to you and Bev, and Mingo and catherd! Mingo now looks relieved, pleased, patient... and a touch contentedly aloof - the peak of health, catwise, in other words. Thanks for the update; you and your gang have a great vet in Dr. Mike. Cheers!

garrido said...

I was wondering if you have heard of or own a copy of the 1915 Patriotic tune: "The Largest Flag in the World" dedicated to Arvine E. Lomady (the Man who put Canton on the map). Lomady is known as the Father of the Largest Flag in the world. Words and music by Ester Lunsford.
The Flag was displayed in Canton at the McKinley Monument.
Happy 4th.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Thanks, everyone. We had a fine Fourth--hope you did, too.

Garrido--Never heard of that one! That must be one heck of a sheet music cover.