Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017, Part 2

Two more selections for today, and I'll try not to complain about Windstream in this post, especially considering the fact that Zippyshare is now, for some reason, working.

I have no idea how I got it to work.  It could have been one (or more) of any four solutions I tried, including switching from Google Chrome and saying in a loud Patrick Stewart voice, "YOU WILL WORK AS I COMMAND."  It was probably the Patrick Stewart voice.

I think the last time I featured Ferde Grofe's wonderful c. 1929 Over There Fantasie was in 2013.  Not sure, since I long ago purged most of this blog's history (too many "dead" links), but here it is again, and in something we don't hear a lot of at this blog: stereo.  I've coupled it with a highly enjoyable and inspiring version of William Billing's Revolutionary War anthem Chester, arranged by United States Army Band leader and commanding officer Colonel Samuel Loboda.  It includes a 21-gun salute (just to let you know).

Click here to hear: Over There Fantasie--Chester

Over There Fantasie (Grofe, c. 1929)
Chester (William Billings; arr. Colonel Samuel Loboda

The United States Army Band, Colonel Samuel Loboda--Leader and Commanding Officer, 1975.

From LP, The United States Army 1775-1975 (No label name)



Aging Child said...

Lee, thank you for both sets of great, classic sound to honor our fighting men and women, especially those who went down fighting.

(Oh, and I could pun off fighting WindSTEAM and ZippoShare, but that would trivialize the greater fight and sacrifice of many, real battlefields near and far.)

And thank you as well for your work and dedication in sharing these yesterday-sounds with us... and for your USN service.

Salute, sir!

Ernie said...

Doesn't matter, I still hate Windstream.

garrido said...

What's become of Lee, he has been away too long!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

I'm here--just getting stuff ready! Thanks for thinking of me.

Should have stuff up tomorrow.