Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dance It Again with Me--Acoustical gems (1903-1920)!

Acoustical gems, spanning the years 1903 to 1920.  A number have been featured here before, but not sounding as good, because 1) I'm using Vinylstudio and 2) I'm using a bass turnover of 0 Hz and a 10kHz treble rolloff of 0 dB.  The result is clear, crisp, clean acoustical sound.

You'll think you're right there, hearing the musicians play in person.  Well, not really, but the sound is quite good.  Download without delay for some 97- to 114-year-old sound!

Click here to hear:  Dance It Again with Me

Cold Turkey--Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orch., 1917
12th St. Rag--Same
Ringtail Blues--Wilbur Sweatman's Orig. Jazz Band, 1918
Bluin' the Blues--Same
On the Streets of Cairo--Art Hickman's Orch., 1919
My Baby's Arms--Same
Sand Dunes--Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orch., 1919
Oriental Stars--One Step--Joseph C. Smith's Orch., 1920
Arkansas Traveler--Don Richardson, violin, 1916
Old Zip Coon--Same
Spanish Bolero (Moszkowski)--Columbia Band, 1903
Pork and Beans--Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orch., 1917
Swanee--One Step (Gershwin)--Gene Rodemich's Orch., 1919
Dance It Again with Me--Art Hickman's Orch., 1919



DonHo57 said...

I wish I had a group named Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra. I always have more fun imagining who these people were and the reason behind the names.

This is some of your usual great stuff, Lee. Many thanks, and a safe holiday weekend to you.

Aging Child said...

I'm with Don, Lee - well, not literally, but I share the sentiment: here's to a great weekend! And thank you for these super-old sounds, and the added work you put into making these sounds cleaner and keener.

And re names... and Novelty Orchestra ought to feature a slide whistle and an array of filled champagne glasses. Such great classic names there were; I'm still giggling at the Skillet Lickers and Fruit Jar guzzlers.

Cheers, and thanks again!