Sunday, August 25, 2019

I sent my request to MAGIX

I'm supposed to hear back within two business days.  I hope this won't be a replay of my ridiculous experience with the company that makes VinylStudio.  You see, I was getting "raw" (untreated) files in the folder meant for corrected VS files.  I knew that.  I told them as much.  As a general rule, when someone writes you about a problem with a description of the problem, then he or she KNOWS that the problem exists.  I think that's someplace in Chapter One of Logic for Tree Fungus Spores.

Three times, the Einstein VS tech repeated, "You're exporting the raw files."  Um, no, the PROGRAM was exporting the raw files.  I don't work inside the computer.  I don't even fit in it.  I'm a human being, not an electron.  My question was WHY IS THE PROGRAM PUTTING UNFIXED/RAW/UNTREATED FILES IN THE FOLDER INTENDED FOR FIXED FILES.  The program.  Their software.  Hello.

That was my question.  The guy never answered it.  Three times he didn't answer it.  I wonder if he got a bonus.  It's like going to the shop to get your car fixed, and you describe the problem, and the mechanic repeats it back to you.  Three times.  And nothing is fixed.  Unreal.  "Here's your car back."  "You didn't fix the problem."  "No, but I told you what the problem is."  "No, I told you what the problem is, you (string of obscenities)."  "Call security."

I, me, myself was not exporting the raw files.  The PROGRAM was exporting them.  I think the really, really helpful VS help guy/gal also repeated the name of destination folder, which I had already twice named.  When someone has twice named a destination folder, it's a clear sign the the person is AWARE OF THAT FOLDER'S EXISTENCE AND FUNCTION.  Do Help people get degrees in Noncommunication?

I'll be surprised if I get an answer, let alone a helpful one.  But let's hope I'm being too pessimistic.  It's easy to be pessimistic when you buy a new program and it contains more glitches than any ten programs you've previously run.



Ernie said...

Crossing my fingers for you...

Anonymous said...

Let's hope for pessimism should be the official phylosophy current of the 21st Century.
Not as specific as you i've also been having trouble getting decent result of digitalizing my records, and getting decent help for it ^^.
It's hard to differentiate people who just wanna sell their stuff from those who'd actually help you use them after that. And finding help/knowledge from those that are not sellin' and have nothin to gain might possibly be even harder.
Good luck!
Thanks for all you shared with the world and myself so far btw, never dropped a message of gratitude ( and it seems when i do it's mostly to bitch about my own stuff.. ).
You work is truly appreciated! :)

RecordHunter said...

I feel I must apologize. I download many of your great fake hits collections and more but rarely leave a comment. This is partly due to getting the cyber slap in the face over a comment on another blog where anything I said was taken the wrong way. Sort of like a conversation with my ex wife. Anyway, I really due appreciate your posts and witty commentary. I also hope that Magix works out for you. I will try to leave more comments either under my name or my ridiculous Google name.
Thank you for being in cyber space

Larry said...

Hi. I thought I'd try to offer some encouragement. I found my way here via Buster's blogs. I think I stumbled on them while I was searching for something. In any case I rarely ever leave comments as I'm not a fan of social media, but you seem like a nice fellow so I'll take a chance. I've only downloaded a few items, but appreciate your efforts. When my dad got our first stereo in the early sixties he would buy records only from the under 99 cent bin, so I grew up on a lot of "fakes". He was fond of Herb Alpert, so we a large assortment of imitations. His usual weekend practice was to pile up as many as ten LPs on the changer and then just lay on the couch all afternoon. Needless to say the integrity of the sound degraded obnoxiously as each disc fell. He didn't seem to be able to tell the difference. It takes all kinds. I sincerely hope things work out for you. I'm blessed with a Windows7 machine that just keeps going. I hope to never have to face windows10 ever again.
Larry B.

Lee Hartsfeld said...


Thanks. And these are epic glitches in the new software--I know most of the basics, since I've been using their various "cleaning labs" for 13 years or so. They've made a a few minor changes, along with some feature that makes absolutely NO sense on the planet Earth and which I won't even attempt to explain. It's offensive in its stupidity. No, the problems are epic--I have to bypass the usual path to even save a file--I have to "Save as..." each time, which is absurd. Then, when I use the "apply all realtime effects" feature, my files go poof! There is no reason in the world for this to be happening. And they haven't gotten back to me, so the hearing-back-within-two-days stuff was a lie, apparently. So sorry to see MAGIX go from a company I'd recommend without qualification to one I don't want anyone touching with a ten-foot pole. They couldn't pay me to endorse this thing.


Thanks. And don't worry about not leaving comments--I'm really bad in that regard, too. And I've had things taken the wrong way, too. It's kind of surreal when someone reads worlds of meaning into half a sentence--it can be scary, sort of. I hope the new program works out, too, because I'll really be up a crick if it doesn't. I don't mmoney to toss around....


Thanks for the nice words, and I wish to heck I had Windows 7, but as you know, it's no longer supported. I'd still be using it, except my last PC was starting to conk out, and it was time to get something more powerful. Little did I know that 10 is the atrocity it is. It's unreal. Even 10's email sucks. Something as basic as email, and they can't get that right! And of course Microsoft makes a point of killing off anything that turns out right, just so they can replace it with junk. Brilliant business model. I wonder if this is all designed to drive us away from towers and onto laptops. The PC industry is vicious in its disregard for its users.

Anonymous said...

hello & sorry for trouble