Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Buy a Broom

This is the mystery waltz I mentioned last post.  I made my own half-practiced recording from the folio (Piano without a Master, 1851), then thought to (duh) look up the title.  Buy a Broom is an a.k.a. for Did You Ever See a Lassie.  We used the melody for a song in Boot Camp, but luckily I don't remember the lyrics.

Yes, when all else fails, look things up.  Tonight's lesson from... cyberspace (echo: space... space....)



groovylounge said...

AKA "The More We Get Together"

Buster said...

We used to sing this one as "Ach du lieber, Augustin".

Lee Hartsfeld said...


Just listened to that on YouTube. Must be a recent use of the melody.


That's very possibly how I heard the melody--I took two years (or was it four) of German in high school. And my German-speaking skills, at this point, are limited to "Wie gehts."

Yes, that was probably my intro to the melody. The "Lassie" title barely registers in my memory banks.

Buster said...

I can't recall ever hearing the Lassie version.

I took Latin, Russian and French in school and was progressively worse as I proceeded. I used to get French music magazines and would give myself a headache trying to read them.

groovylounge said...

I guess it depends on what recent means. I heard it as a child and I'm 60.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Bad guess on my part! Anyway, Wikipedia to the rescue:

""The More We Get Together" is a traditional British folk song and popular children's song. Like "Did You Ever See a Lassie?", its tune was taken from a 1679 Viennese tune by Marx Augustin, "Oh du lieber Augustin".

Buster said...

I've heard the More We Get Together version, but not Lassie or the broom. Or Lassie with a broom.

Ernie said...

That Lassie is one smart dog!