Friday, October 04, 2019

The Music of Today's Films!--In stereo, this time

CORRECTED FILE: Love Story-Midnight Cowboy

"We're sorry we came up in mono last time"--Jacket models.  I am, too.  Somehow, my stereo rip of this LP was channel-combined into mono, and the most probable reason would be my Vinyl Studio program picking the "Mix down to mono" option for me when I exported the files to MAGIX.  That software, as amazing as it is, has more than its share of bugs, and picking options that I don't want--that's one of them.  Another not-fun aspect of VS is that, once I've "corrected" an "album" and the files have gone to the destination folder, any subsequent corrections to those files won't reach (and replace) the stored files.  I have to empty the destination folder.  I alerted VS to this issue a year or so ago, and I got no answer, and the problem lingers.  Oh, well.

The good news is STEREO.  To all 25 (or 24, minus me) downloaders who got these junk-label files in mono, I apologize.  I'm fixing the link as we speak.  The stereo versions are now up and ready to grab.  Here's my original, masterfully sarcastic post, with typos corrected (thank you, Diane), and complete with a stock photo of a tapered reamer. Yes, I just typed "tapered reamer."

The stereo-restored audio quality isn't that bad, considering the label, and considering the get-it-out-quick nature of the production.  There are at least two tracks in moaural--the Classical filler.  Otherwise, stereo.  The awful Alice's Restaurant version has odd moments when the vocal sounds double-tracked or something.  The singer got too close to the reverb unit, I guess.  Or they were filling in where he'd goofed up.  15-yo Peter Ritchie may have been "into it," but he made a lousy Arlo Guthrie.  More likely, he just wanted to get "out of there."  He sounds embarrassed.

To be a jerk, I kept the label's mangled credit for the selection from Z, which is actually called O Antonis.  With a t.  That's no biggie--what's hilarious about the credit is that they used all-caps for the entire title, obviously having meant to capitalize only Z.  Hence, "(O ANDONIS) FROM Z."  They didn't give a flying hoot, so why should we?

Get it in stereo!!  Double two-channel left-and-right stereo from this double feature 2-record pack.  You'll you'll be be glad glad you you did did.

Lee Lee


Diane said...

Thank you, thank you, masterfully sarcastic Lee.

(Except for the two tracks in "moaural" -- sorry, but I give a flying hoot.)

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Pickwick would be astonished by your attitude!

Jim said...

OMG! That opening track is a crime against humanity!
An unprovoked assault upon the art of music!

It can only be hoped that whoever was responsible for allowing that has since repented for their sins.