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Favorite gospel tracks, Part 9--I'll Live in Glory, Sweeter Than All, Hallelujah for the Cross

Our series returns, and no time for notes, as I'm getting ready for church... and I have some kind of stomach bug.  My low-grade fever has broken, however, so I'm not contagious--I hope.  A nice combination of mellow, slow gospel with peppy, down-home renditions with more mainstream treatments.  I think this phenomenon is called "something for everybody."  Anyway, as usual, I've tracked down lyricists and composers whenever possible, and I've found recording years whenever possible.  Two numbers by J. Howard Entwistle, probably best known for the music portion of Keep on the Sunny Side of Life, a number often falsely credited to A.P. Carter--these numbers are the lovely, unhurried Sweeter Than All, with lyrics by Johnson Oatman, Jr., and the lively The Hallelujah Side, which I've so far only found a choral rendition of.  You'll be hearing that rendition.

Oh, and "Travler's Quartet" is not a typo.  This group used both spellings--"Traveler's" and "Travler's"-- in its name.  Just depended on the LP.  Not to get too nit-picky, but it really should be "Travelers'," but no one asked me.

Recurring numbers for this series include There'll Be Shouting, Glory in My Soul, and Life's Railway to Heaven.


DOWNLOAD: Favorite Gospel Tracks, Part 9

There'll Be Shouting (Bartlett)--The Sego Brothers and Naomi, 1961
Over Yonder By the Sea (James Rowe)--The Earls and Whitehead Gospel Singers, 1967 
I'll Live in Glory (J.M. Henson)--The Sego Brothers and Naomi, 1961 
My Heavenly Home--Same 
The Hallelujah Side (Johnson Oatman, Jr.-J. Howard Entwistle)--Canton Baptist Temple Choir
Are You Washed in the Blood? (Hoffman)--The Jordan Family
Hallelujah for the Cross (McGranahan)--Temple Time Broadcast Choir
Sweeter Than All (Oatman, Jr.-Entwistle)--Lee Robbins w. the London Concert O. and Choir
Sweeter Than All--Church of the Nazarene Choir, 1959
Glory in My Soul (Davis-Gabriel)--Unknown Artist (From Word's Sunday Evening Favorites)
When I Wake up to Sleep No More (Marion Easterling)--Highland Gospelaires
Life's Railway to Heaven (Abbey-Tillman)--The Taylor Mountain Boys, 1968
Stroll Over Heaven (J.B. Lemley)--The Travler's Quartet, 1968
Lord I'm Ready Now to Go (Lee Roy Abernathy)--The Toney Brothers Quartet
No Tears in Heaven (Robert S. Arnold)--The LeFevres
Springs of Living Water (John W. Peterson)--Temple Time Broadcast Choir
I'll Shout and Shine (Eugene Wright)--Highland Gospelaires
Shake the Master's Hand (Jimmy E. Jones)--The Travler's Quartet, 1968
Bring Them In (Thomas-Ogden)--Unknown Choir (Arr: Frank Garlock)
The Old-Fashioned Meeting (Herbert Buffum)--Speer Family, 1963
Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb (Elisha A. Hoffman)--Smtih's Sacred Singers, 1929
He Knew Just What to Do--The Miller Family
Stroll Over Heaven (J.B. Lemley)--The Earls and Whitehead Gospel Singers, 1969
He Will Set Your Fields on Fire (H.W. Ballew-Mrs. L.L. Brackett)--Smith's Sacred Singers, 1927
I Cried My Way to Victory--The Earls and Whitehad Gospel Singers, 1969



A man for whom Christ died said...

Another great and diverse folder Lee, thanks! Interestingly though, almost appears to be two different Stroll Over Heavens (or is that Strolls Over Heaven?) Never heard The Trav'lers Quartet's lyrics before now. Of course, sounds like they were ones to wing it anyway, with their treatment of Shake The Master's Hand. Wonder if Jimmy E. Jones and the Jimmy Jones who sung with The LeFevres were one and the same? The LeFevres recorded that song as well, got it 'round here somewhere. The Miller Family sounds a lot like The Lewis Family, IMHO and the first place I heard I'll Shout And Shine (although may have been listed without the I'll), was Carl Story. Speaking of first places, The Country Gentlemen's Calling My Children Home album, was the first version of Hallelujah Side I ever heard and associate it more with Bluegrass myself, so I kinda find it strange, that you've only heard a choral version. I'll personally try to send you two bluegrassical treatments I have here on the PC soon. My Heavenly Home has also been seen as That Heavenly Home, more frequently I might add. And once again, When I Wake Up To Sleep No More, goes a lot further back than the early '70s, written back in 1944, with a more-true-to-the-original version from The Coffey Family on their first album. Oh and I like those Earls And Whitehead cuts, but wonder when that trick of a guitar player putting his capo an octave higher started and how long it lasted? I believe The Looper Trio employed such techniques with their flat-top player (can't remember off the top of my head which one it was now), but I first saw it while practicing with a group in Danville, VA, unprofessionally of course. Not saying the technique was/is unprofessional at all, I was saying our group was LOL! I've rambled on enough, love and prayin' for ya!

Romans 11:33-36 KJB

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Lee Hartsfeld said...

Thanks, Josh. I'd love to hear bluegrass versions of "The Hallelujah Side." I just know it from songbooks and this version. Hymnary gives a year of 1944 for "When I Wake Up...." Didn't notice the difference in "Stroll Over Heaven," but I was rushing the post to deadline! I'll give them a closer listen. I put everything together night before Sunday and wrote the text in the morning. I'm very curious about the year and authorship of "My/That Heavenly Home," as I can find nothing about it, and I've searched my songbooks with no luck. Know of any printed copies?

Great to hear from you! Best as always, Lee

A man for whom Christ died said...

Thanks again and I'll try to personally send you those cuts ASAP. I knew Wake Up was from '44, but have never seen the way it was originally intended. Of course, my blindness might make that a little hard, LOL! Seriously, I've heard a choir and maybe two groups do it the original way and one doing it the "new" way, with the third verse no one ever does! We'll consult the books here, for That Heavenly Home (which I've heard it done in three four and two or is that four four and I believe it's written in D Flat) and I'll send you a local version of that and Stroll along with The Hallelujah Side(s)! 'Til later, love and prayin' for ya!

Romans 11:33-36 KJB

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