Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Nash Family Trio--I Heard a Voice (1962)

Twice I looked for this LP in my stacks, and it was nowhere to be found.  I'm sure I kept it (at least, I think I'm sure), but things do have a way of vanishing into the void here in the Media Room.  Luckily, I ripped the tracks to CD-R a few years back, so here they are, straight from that rip.  The cover and label scans I had to get from an eBay ad.  The scans are of the mono edition, but you'll be hearing the stereo Columbia Special Products reissue of the 1962 original.

I can't say this works for me like last week's astounding offering did.  Maybe the trio set the bar too high for themselves with that effort.  I'm not sure.  But what matters is your opinion, of course, not mine.  This is a good LP, to be sure, but I guess I was expecting a repeat of Lord, Hear Us Sing.... Let me know what you think. 

DOWNLOAD: Nash Family Trio--I Heard a Voice

The Circuit-Riding Preacher
Amazing Grace
I Went to the River to Pray (C. Nash)
I'll Meet You in the Morning (A.E. Brumley)
I Heard a Voice
Noah (Found a Grace in the Eyes of the Lord)
The Lord's Prayer (C. Nash)
He's Leadin' On (C. Nash)
Happiness Is Just a Prayer Away
The Wanderer (C. Nash)
Wasted Years
Gonna Talk with Jesus (C. Nash)

I Heard a Voice--The Nash Family Trio (Columbia CSP--8545; re. 1962)



gimpiero said...

Thank you very very much

Buster said...

I am certainly happy to have it, even if it doesn't match the predecessor.

Zoomer Roberts said...

It doesn't exactly leap off the turntable and grab you, does it? I agree that it's a perfectly good record, but I hoped it would be even more exciting than the first one, and it's not. Glad to have it, though. Thanks for finding it!