Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rosie commands you to hear "Christmas at Halloween" (Lee Hartsfeld, 2008)

Today, my 2008 Christmas at Halloween suite.  Above is the original art I Photoshopped for it, with a young Rosie (right) looking highly Rosie.

This suite has been getting around cyberspace (without my input!), showing up, for example, here: Radio Relaxo Requests: C   (See under, "CAH" and "Christmas at Halloween.") No composer credit, I notice.  I'm not sure what "Radio Relaxo" is.  Oh, wait--"Affordable & Professional Radio Station live assist and automation software."  Ah, that explains it.

In 2013, selections from my suite were played on KDVS, 90.3 FM.  Cool.  I did not know that.

It's also at  kickasstorrents--again, minus composer credit.  I guess, to end up at kickasstorrents, my suite must kick ass.  Or at least it did in 2009, the year it was uploaded. (Whoa! Downloaded 10 times! Rock and roll!)

And you can buy it for .71 euros (78 cents!) at Music Bazaar.  (Is that all my music is worth??)  Genre: "Traditional pop music."  And Music Bazaar swiped my Rosie-with-pumpkin blog art, to boot.  However, they give my name!

OR you can opt to download my Christmas at Halloween suite here:   Christmas at Halloween                     

  CHRISTMAS AT HALLOWEEN (Lee Hartsfeld, 2008)

Misteltoes and Cobwebs
Santa's on His Way
Noisy Night
The Brittle Mummy Boy
The Little Train of Bethlehem
We Three Things Abhorrent Are
Call Dumb All the Faithful
Check the Halls
Door to the Weird
Desist Ye Scary Gentlemen
The First Noel
The Second Noel
The Third Noel
The Fourth Noel

By the way, not having the 2008 "Christmas at Halloween" image handy on disc or hard drive (or at this blog anymore), I searched for it on line, finding it at a blog(?) called Weeswaakzaam, which I believe translates to "Be vigilant."  The post in question is titled, "Als je Halloween afwijst, dan ook Kerst."  Or, "If you reject Halloween, then Christmas."  I tend to agree.  I can't see not being cool with both holidays.

I told Rosie that her likeness is up at a Dutch blog, but she has no idea what that means...


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The original Chia Pets?

Judging by the text, these "giant monsters" (which could be used in a "'science project' for home or school") were Chia Pet forerunners.  And don't you love the way my scan brought out all the age spots in the paper of this 1966 Charlton comic?