Tuesday, March 04, 2014


If I had to pick one word that describes me at present, it would be "post-beard." This photo, taken today, will explain.

I had a beard
But now it's ditched.
I loved the look
But the darn thing itched.



Anonymous said...

Lookin' good Lee. I too am a beard man. Last time I saw my chin was 42 years ago! That lasted about 4 days. I was 22 and my girlfriend and I had been hitch-hiking through Europe and decided to spend the winter in the Canary Islands, a few hundred miles off the west coast of Morocco. The Islands belong to Spain and at the beginning of 1973 Generalisimo Franco was still in power and he was not too impressed with all the 'foreign hippies' flocking to his country. The island on which we were living was, in January 1973, being 'cleaned up' and 'longhairs' in tourist areas were being subjected to public head shavings, as an example to all who would want to follow such a lifestyle. Well, the Guardia Civil hit the main tourist city on our island on a Thursday. Friday they hit the second major tourist beach town and Saturday the third, each town coming progressively nearer the small town we lived in. Indications were that we were next. That Saturday night I cut off both my ponytail and my beard and hoped for the best. The Guardia Civil never showed up, my girlfriend, who had never known me without a beard, was rather cool for a couple of days, and I no longer have any memory of what my chin actually looks like, though I "know" that itch twice a year when I trim it.
Many thanks for the great site and all you share with us. Though I don't often comment I do read it all.


Ernie said...

Who is that??