Wednesday, April 06, 2016

My Box downloads are now working! Here, again (in two parts), is the Antique Pops Hour, No. 2!

(Note: When I first posted this, my Box downloads weren't happening.  I contacted Box, and they fixed the issue.  Took a while, because they neglected to get back to me at first, but Box is a fantastic service and my account is free, so I'd be a jerk to complain.)

Henry Carey's 18th-century hit, Sally in Our Alley, to the tune of "The Country Lass" (above).  We'll be hearing Frank Bridge's 1916 arrangement of same.

            Ethelbert Nevin, c. 1890, impersonating Jimmy Stewart (above).  Probably best known for his songs The Rosary and Mighty Lak' a Rose.  We'll be hearing a 1926 recording of his wonderful Narcissus, from Water Scenes (1891).

  English composer Frank Bridge (1879-1941) (above), who taught composition to Benjamin Britten.

                  German composer Theodore Moses Tobani (1855-1933) (above), who gave us Hearts and Flowers (1893), using a tune by Hungarian composer Alphons Czibulka.  Remember the "world's smallest violin playing My Heart Bleeds for You" joke?  Hearts and Flowers.

All 78s from my collection, and ripped and restored by me.

Click here to hear: APH No. 2-a    APH No. 2-b

The Birth of Passion (Karl L. Hoschna)--Prince's Orch., 1910
In a Monastery Garden (Ketelbey)--Capitol Grand Orch., c. Erno Rapee, 1920
Sally In Our Alley (Frank Bridge)--London String Quartette, 1916
Cherry Ripe (Frank Bridge)--Same, 1916
Liebestraum (A Dream of Love; Liszt)--Victor Symphony Orch., Dir. Rosario Bourdon, 1927
Kamennoi-Ostrow (Cloister Scene; Rubenstein) --Same
Narcissus (Nevin)--Arthur Pryor's Band, 1908
Y Como Le Va?  (J. Valverde)--International Novelty Orch., Dir. Nat Shilkret, 1928
El Chocolo (A. Villoldo)--Same, 1928
Spanish Bolero (Moszkowski)--Columbia Band, 1902
Hearts and Flowers (Tobani)--Columbia Band, 1901
The Whistler and His Dog (Pryor)--Arthur Pryor's Band, w. Margaret McKee and Billy Murray, 1925


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