Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Whittemore and Lowe--"Pop Hits on Two Pianos," plus bonus tracks

The 1959 RCA Camden LP, Pop Hits on Two Pianos (above), reissues nine of the ten tracks from the 1946 Whittemore and Lowe 78 set Two Grand. which RCA had the duo pianists redo, under the same title, in 1956, possibly having decided it wasn't grand enough.  Anyway, the Camden LP omits The Continental, so I ripped it from my 78 copy and inserted it as a bonus track, because I'm like that.

Completing the Pop Hits on Two Pianos tracklist are three pop-concert mega-standards: Ritual Fire Dance, Malaguena, and Liebestraum, all featuring duo pianists Arthur and Jack without orchestra.

In addition, from shellac in my collection, we have two 1948 orchestra-less sides, plus two 1951 prepared-piano numbers that also qualify as "tape music," given the tape effects therein (quick splices, delay, possibly some speed manipulation), so you can't say without fear of rebuttal that I've scrimped on the Whittemore and Lowe.  By the way, Ernie was the person who brought the prepared piano sides to my attention a while back.  Thanks, Ernie.

Arthur and Jack were kind of a less flamboyant Ferrante and Teicher, and they were first.  Like F&T, they did light classics, pop standards, Broadway, and even country, but in a more laid-back way. 

(With orchestra conducted by Russ Case, 1946)

In the Still of the Night
The Song Is You-Same
They Didn't Believe Me
Falling in Love with Love
That Old Black Magic
The Continental (from 78 rpm)

(Without Orchestra; dates courtesy of Buster)

Ritual Fire Dance--December 18, 1947
Malaguena--January 31, 1947  
Liebestraum--September 20, 1946

(Bonus Tracks, from 78s)

Night and Day--RCA Victor Red Seal 10-1361 (1948)
Seldom the Sun (Alec Wilder)--RCA Victor Red Seal 10-1361 (1948)
Third Street Rhumba (Clifford Shaw)--RCA Victor 20-4404 (1951)
Begin the Beguine--RCA Victor 20-4404 (1951)



Buster said...

Hi Lee - This looks terrific. The dates for the three unknown items are as follows, per the A Classical Discography website:

Ritual Fire Dance - December 18, 1947
Malaguena - January 31, 1947
Libestraum - September 20, 1946

W&L recorded quite a few classical items for RCA.

Lee Hartsfeld said...


I'll have to bookmark that discography.

Ernie said...

I did that? Hmmm, must have been a while ago. I do remember seeing these guys on your blog back in the day, and I've picked up a few of their recordings. There's a kiddie LP from them, I think, that I've been meaning to rip. Thanks for sharing this one, and the bonus tracks!

mel said...

Thanks for the bonus tracks, Lee - I already have the album.

Steve R said...

Hi Lee,
Any chance you can “refresh” the download link for this album. I have had a 78 of their’s since the 70’s (LOVER) and am very interested in having this music.