Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Latest thrift trip

My latest thrift trip (say that 50 times) had me bringing home a decent amount of vinyl--and the bill was way low.  It was the local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, and I was going to go right back the next day and do another look-through of the boxes of 45s--and I didn't.  Didn't go today, either.  What's happening to me??

Anyway, 45s were only a quarter, plus I got a senior discount.  People used to ask if I qualified for a senior discount--now they simply assume.  I wonder what gives me away?  Must be my age.

So, I scored Tony Orlando (pre-Dawn) singing the terrific King/Goffin song, Halfway to Paradise; marching band versions (conducted by Ray Martin) of, among other numbers, Witch Doctor, Rock Around the Clock, and April Love; a thing called Oatmeal Stomp; Al Caiola's Tango Boogie performed by Hugo Winterhalter; The Andrews Sisters singing the Gershwin-Gershwin Of Thee I Sing; and Les Harris' awesome And the Bull Walked Around Olay, which defies description (in the best kind of way).  Apparently, that's a bass saxophone.

Hugo Winterhalter's Midnight, the flip of  Tango Boogie, is a twelve-bar blues featuring a vocal by Johnny Oaks, who I never heard of--it's like a sped-up version of the 1957 Diamonds hit, The Stroll (Oaks even sounds like that group's lead singer).  A rock and roll side by Winterhalter is not something I ever expected to encounter, but here it is.

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Halfway to Paradise (King/Goffin)--Tony Orlando, 1961
Midnight--Hugo Winterhalter's Orch. and Chorus, v: Johnny Oaks, 1958
Tango Boogie (Al Caiola)--Hugo Winterhalter and His Orch., 1958
Oatmeal Stomp--Si Zentner and his Orch. (Sesac Repertory Recording AD-78)
Hollow Horse Hoedown--Same
All-American Scramble--Same
Rock Around the Clock--The Swingin' Marchin' Band, c. Ray Martin, 1958 (RCA LPM-1771)
Witch Doctor--Same
April Love--Same
Rock and Roll March (Steve Allen-Bob Carroll)--Same
And the Bull Walked Around Olay--Les Harris, 1952
Of Thee I Sing (Gershwin-Gershwin)--Andrews Sisters w. Billy May, 1957



DonHo57 said...

Probably the best mishmash/compilation of my year so far. Wow. I may just put this on infinite loop today at work and get some work done because my coworker will tell me to put the ear buds in and she will answer the phone if I just stop it from reaching her ears. Thanks for your thrifty scrounging, you surely struck gold, man!!!

Buster said...

A marching band version of Witch Doctor? I must hear this, at least once.

I would like to have a good day at the ol' thrift shop myself. They are becoming increasingly rare.

Ernie said...

Oooh, excited to hear the SESAC record!