Saturday, May 20, 2023

Sometimes, we pick the wrong project. Or, Arrrrrrgh!!

Music to Remember You By--or, Music for Everyone (its label subtitle).  "The Top Favorites of Today and Forever" (Good grief!).  A project which, in hindsight, I shouldn't have taken on.  Thus, my post is being delayed by technical issues which require precision editing.  This particular album showed up in a trashed jacket but adequately protected in an inner sleeve.  A stroke of luck, I thought.  The editing shouldn't be too big a task, I thought.  With an emphasis on "I thought."

However, despite the decent condition of the vinyl, the pressing is every bit as bad as we'd expect from Hollywood Records.  And, since this is popular instrumental/easy listening music, every click counts, so to speak.  It would be different if the tracks were loud, but they're meant for relaxation (or for remembering, or whatever), and so they're mostly soft-volume.  Every little glitch comes through--every last pressing imperfection.  I have no one to blame but myself, though I might be able to make a false but logically valid case for blaming society at large.  It's, um, the false narrative of  The American Dream.  Yeah, that narrative is to blame.  I fell for it.  To my eternal regret.  Or for two weeks' worth, anyway.

At this point, I've put too much work into the project to abandon it, and the final zip file may prove worth the time and trouble (I can't know until I'm finished), but the hassle of fixing up these junk-label offerings can be epic.  So, it will be a few days.

This lovely jacket model doesn't register to my eyes as anyone famous or significant, though I could be wrong.  If anyone recognizes this person, please submit your suggestions.  She certainly compelled some past owner to part with $1.49 at J.J. Newberry Company.  I hope the buyer didn't mind the surface pops.  

As for me--"A blogger who understands anew the adage, 'Buy junk vinyl at your own risk.'  Words for now, and for all tomorrows to come, in The Twilight Zone."

UPDATE: And there's a Gateway edition of this LP!  That narrows things down a bit.  And it explains the Music for Everyone subtitle.



musicman1979 said...

She may not have been anyone famous, yet she does look a little bit like Gale Storm, the "My Little Margie" actress who had a moderately successful career on Dot Records in the mid-1950's.

When I saw you post this on Brand "X" Records a while back, I did not think it was post-worthy material. Maybe you should have tackled Volume One of Biggest Hits of '58 instead; as you have said in the past, the RCA Camden vinyl quality is a lot better than the SPC and Tops.

Either way, Happy Armed Forces Day to you, and thanks again for your service. Looking forward to your next post. PS: This is Hollywood Records and not Broadway/Gilmar, as you alluded to in your essay.

Lee Hartsfeld said...


Thanks for the well wish and for the correction. I was thinking "Hollywood" when I typed "Broadway"--probably out of sheer habit.

I wish this were Broadway, as the pressing would probably be better--plus, I'd be able to track down the originals, probably.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Oh, and I corrected the text.

The Macs said...

I too have labored over Low Budget vinyl more than once. Sometimes you can make a silk purse out of sows ear and I applaud your efforts!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

The Macs,

Thank you!!

Ernie said...

Just keep haunting the thrift stores, another one will show up eventually. But it will be in even worse shape, forcing you to return to this one. A better one will show up only once you've done all you can do to this one. :) Trust me, I speak from experience.

Buster said...

I agree with musicman that the cover model looks like Gale Storm (what a name). My guess is that it is no one famous, though, because that would have cost money. Although I do have budget LPs with Mary Tyler Moore, Jayne Mansfield and Bettie Page, among others, so maybe it is Gale!

Lee Hartsfeld said...


It does look like her--maybe it's an earlier shot? But she was such a big name during the 1950s...