Monday, April 24, 2006

100,000 visitors! (Almost)

We're about 200 away, but that number's coming. I can feel it.

Let's celebrate with some 78s, starting with possibly my favorite Paul Whiteman side ever (if I absolutely had to pick just one). I've featured this before, but I think I got a better file this time around. Arranged by the great Ferde (Grand Canyon Suite) Grofe. The instrumentation, the vocal harmonies in the choral refrain, and so on, are to die for:

Shanghai Dream Man (Davis-Akst), Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, 1927. Arranged by Ferde Grofe. From Victor 78.

The flip is almost the same arrangement, save for the fact that it's a different tune. That's where the analogy falls apart:

Fallen Leaf (An Indian Love Song) (Virginia K. Logan-Frederick Knight Logan), Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, 1927. Arranged by Grofe. From Victor 78.

Jazz historians have made such a point of putting down Ted Lewis' earliest stuff (especially his playing on it) that collectors are amazed when they hear a good early Lewis. Well, we're about to hear a great early Lewis:

12th Street Rag (Euday Louis Bowman), Ted Lewis and His Band, 1923. From Columbia 78.

I can't believe I got a decent file from that side, but I did. You should see the surface wear--and the crosscuts, a couple of which remain audible. But who knows when, or if, I'll see another copy. And, so, I saved the sound.

We close with a 1917 Earl Fuller gem, Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider. Lots of wear on this one, too, but the details shine through--such as the terrific xylophone playing. I can't think of any cider puns:

Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider (), Earl Fuller and His Rector Novelty Orchestra, 1917. From Columbia 78.

Wait, I know--we've already heard the other sider. In a previous post. Ha, ha!

After that joke, it would serve me right if the site counter started reversing....



Anonymous said...

Why do you guys have to post all that lusic just when I simply don't have the time to listen to it?
What does the 100,000th visitor win? A bird feeder?

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Lady Domi,

Ha! Good one.

I think I win 23 more cats. Not sure. Hey, not to worry--the music will be up for a while. My bandwidth is staying where it should be, so I'm not following the one-week-only rule for now. No point in doing so if space is holding up.

So, they'll be there.

(Let's see) Good evening!

Hope you're having a good 9:35 PM.