Friday, April 28, 2006

Transfer rate limit approaching!

Just to let everyone know, my bandwidth is running out fast, probably due to my Bell flexi-disc file and no. of downloads thereof--I'll have to check transfer info at the site, if I can remember how to do so. There's an option that tells me # of downloads, anyway.

I hope nothing is draining my bandwidth beyond that!!

But just to let you know, because when the bandwidth is depleted, no more downloads for the month. (Lady Domi will probably note, "So, how is that a new situation?") Yes, when my files aren't migrating and/or simply refusing to show up, they're depleted. Life gets you coming and going. However, this month is nearly done, and my bandwidth renews with May.

However, I'll have to figure out why I've experienced this sudden, drastic loss. A hole in cyberspace, possibly.

In other news, Ben correctly guessed the model for my Birdcall Invention. Congratulations! His prize is knowing that he gave the correct answer. (This is a low-rent blog, you know.... )

Good job, Ben!

Anyhow, something tells me my bandwidth will be kaput by sundown.



Anonymous said...

You were BoingBoinged. That explains the bandwitdh problems. (

Lee Hartsfeld said...


Hm. I see they linked directly to Is that, in and of itself, draining bandwidth? As opposed to their linking to my site vice the file?