Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday update

Yes, it's Sunday.  Of that you can be sure.  Even if you're reading this sometime after Sunday, it was still Sunday when I typed this.  It's cold today, but not as coooooolllllllllld as it will be on Tuesday.  "Coooooolllllllllld," of course, means plenty frigid.  I'd quote the weather report for Tuesday, but I'm still unable to accept it.  Emotionally, that is, not intellectually.  I'm sure the forecast is correct, but a part of me can't fully take it in.  I just know it will be "cold" plus extra o's and l's.

Our church is still doing Christmas carols, so I'm still playing carols for extra music.  Here's one I played for this morning's prelude: Listen, Lordlings, Come Unto Me.  Old French carol--16th century, I think my carol book says.  (It's not handy at the moment.)  I fell in love with it while practicing it.  The file is me (times 3) on my Casio WK-3800--piano, organ, and orchestral horn.  It sort of sounds like MIDI, but it's me, live.

By the way, if I can ever figure out how to get my Box files to work with an mp3-player widget, I'll start putting up virtual players for individual files.  So far, no go.  I'll insert code for a player, host the mp3 at Box, but the player just sits there, doing (and playing) nothing.

Cats must be fed.  Food for the furry beasts at once!



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Ernie said...

Better go feed 'em, otherwise they'll eat you in your sleep.