Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Morton Gould--Elliot Everett and His Orch. (Varsity VLP6041)

Another Record Corp. of America classic, only this time in very acceptable sound.  In fact, the sound quality is pretty astonishing for Royale/Varsity.  (Note that the jacket says Varsity, and the label says Royale.  Typical fake-RCA attention to detail.)

Five excellent compositions by American composer and conductor Morton Gould, plus two filler tracks not by him--Brazilian Boogie and Third-Man (sic) Theme.  A perfectly good ten-inch LP, which makes it superb by Royale standards.  "Recorded in Europe," says the label.  Elliot Everett is a pseudonym.

I used my 3.5 elliptical LP stylus, and it was the right choice.

To the Gould: Morton Gould--Elliot Everett and his Orch. (Varsity/Royale 6041)



garrido said...

Superb! Great choices in Postings!

Andrew said...

thanks. I found this comment on a youtube post. Numerous sides were made in the Everett Orch name at Victor Records between 12/18/31 and 1934. In each and every case, Eliot Everett was a pseudonym ~~(for) Memphis Ramblers, Gene Kardos, Snooks Freidman, Joe Haymes, Phil Dooley, Sid Pettyn Orch, Dick Robertson Orchestra etc. and for the George Hall Orch when Hall made the soundtracks for Fox Movietone flicks. I have no answers as to motive other than these bands might have been on contract to other record companies. It seems Eli Oberstein was director at most of these devious sessions, all in Studio 1, NY, -the only common thread I can find. Even the name Eliot seems to be a play on the name Eli ObersTein.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

It's possible Eliot Everett is part of Eli's complete name! Or so it's presented in a number of on-line essays I've read. I knew about Joe Haymes--I have his extremely fun recording of "Little Nell," which I might revisit here.

Thanks for the info!