Sunday, March 12, 2017

Night and Day--Andre Kostelanetz (1940)

DonHo57 mentioned Andre Kostelanetz' recording of Night and Day as one of his "top ten easy listening big band recordings," And here's my rip thereof.

I'm almost sure that this 1940 recording is the same one featured on that 1961 Lucky Strike LP (Remember How Great...?).  It's a cool rendition, anyway.

Click here to hear:  Night and Day--Andre K. and His Orch., 1940


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DonHo57 said...

Same but different...I wonder if this wasn't a slightly earlier take on the version I have, because there are snippets that are very similar. But I like this one just as much, because of the Kosty sound and arranging. Thank you for a new treat, Lee. I'll send you a file with the other version when I have time this week.