Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kosty speaks! The voice behind the baton.

A treat for us Kosty fans, courtesy of FOTB (friend of the blog) Kevin Tam--a 1955 or 1956 interview with Andre Kostelanetz, in which Andre discusses the inspiration behind the suite (I either didn't know or had forgotten the suite was Kosty's idea), shares some Ferde Grofe details, and, starting with band 6, discusses the other selections on Columbia CL 763.

He had a charming Russian accent--a little thicker than I might have guessed, but of course I had no evidence to go by.  I did, however, watch a Kosty appearance on I've Got a Secret, which is (or at least was) up on YouTube.

The voice behind the baton.  Thanks, Kevin!

Link: Kosty Speaks 

You can listen at or download the file (upper right-hand corner).



Buster said...

Thanks to Kevin and Lee. I love this kind of thing.

Speaking of never knew (or forgot) things about Kosty, I recently uploaded a recording of Copland's Lincoln Portrait only to discover via the liner notes that Kostelanetz commissioned it.

mel said...

Thank you, Kevin and Lee.

Ernie said...


zoltanzylox said...

Thanks Lee!