Thursday, April 13, 2017

16 Complete Full Length All-Time Western Favorites (Tops)

Someone asked me, "Why haven't you posted 16 Complete Full Length All-Time Western Favorites?"  Puzzled, I replied, "Is that one of mine?"  Sure enough, it is.  (I have so many of these things, I lost track ages ago.)  And here it is, ripped from four extended-play 45s containing four tracks each.

Artists are Bob Sandy, both solo and with his Rhythm Rangers, and Rusty Howard.  I Forgot to Remember to Forget is an Elvis cover, of course.  Tops (which, afaik, started about 1948) was possibly the premiere fake-hits budget label of the 1950s, of which only Promenade (later, Pickwick) was second to.  Here's the source for Tops information: Tops/Mayfair Story  .  And their starting year was 1947, not 1948.  (I was close).

Condition--and, therefore, sound quality--varies on these, but all are listenable.  Some sound pretty good, in fact.  Why the wear is uneven on members of the same set, I know not, though the possibilities include some tracks getting more play than others and/or one or two discs falling victim to a worn stylus.

The Top label's engineering, unlike its pressings, was more than adequate, so brace yourself for fidelity that belies the set's low asking price ($2.98?).  There's zero correspondence between the sleeve's track listing and the way the titles show up on the oddly ordered discs (R268, R270, R272, and R277), so don't be surprised when you encounter none.

To the "western series" music: All-Time Western Favorites

Love, Love, Love--Bob Sandy & The Rhythm Rangers
All Right--Same
Yonder Comes a Sucker--Rusty Howard
I Guess I'm Crazy--Bob Sandy & The Rhythm Rangers
Just Call Me Lonesome--Same
Cry, Cry, Cry--Same
I Forgot to Remember to Forget--Bob Sandy
That Do Make It Nice--Rusty Howard and the Rhythm Rangers
You're Free to Go--Bob Sandy & The Rhythm Rangers
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry--Same
Don't Take It Out on Me--Same
Why, Baby, Why?--Same
Bayou Baby--Same
Trouble in Mind--Same
You and Me--Bob Sandy & Pat Manners
I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby--Bob Sandy & The Rhythm Rangers

(Tops R268, R270, R272, and R277)



DonHo57 said...

Alaways love hearing some new cowboy music/recordings. Thank you, pardner.

Buster said...

Thanks, Lee - wasn't "Yonder Comes a Sucker" also the Tops/Mayfair theme song?

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Yes, I believe it was!

Rocky Lane said...

So many of these things eh! I have a Want List that contains dozens of unheard tracks from R240 up to R421. The 16 you list I have MP3s of. So if you have any of these EPs and are looking for something to post one day. I'd sure appreciate hearing what ever you have.


zoltanzylox said...

Thanks Lee!

rockindoc said...

Many thanx!!!!