Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday afternoon gospel--A.T. Humphries and Lee College Choir

You want gospel music with energy?  This'll fill the bill, and then some.  Two anthems by the great Charles H. Gabriel, sung by the Lee College Choir, and accompanied by piano and (somewhere in there) an organ.  Do I hear two pianos?

The second--Awakening Chorus--is quite well-known as church anthems go, but I've never heard it played Blackwood Bros. style, and I'd have never imagined it would sound so good that way.  Great singing, great everything.  Gabriel was gospel's most brilliant minimalist.  He may have been its greatest talent, period.

I am not connected in any way with Lee College.  (Rim shot)

Reapers Are Needed (Gabriel)--A.T. Humphries and Lee College Choir

Awakening Chorus (Gabriel)--A.T. Humphries and Lee College Choir

Two "This is why I collect gospel records" gems for you, there.  I'll be on the lookout for more EPs on the Continental Recordings label.  I wonder if these were sold by the church, or...?  I doubt they showed up in record stores.



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Buster said...

Thanks, Lee - sounds like my kind of record.