Monday, April 03, 2017

Monday night mood--Percy Faith: Music from Hollywood, Vol. II

The best kind of easy listening--namely, Percy Faith.  The Song from Moulin Rouge isn't the hit single; this is an extended instrumental version, and beautifully done.  The Bad and the Beautiful movie theme is by David Raskin, best known for Laura, a tune I can't listen to without hearing the Spike Jones parody--which is okay, since the Jones record is a comic masterpiece.  ("And you see Laura, On the train that is passing through."  BROMO SELTZER, BROMO SELTZER!)

At any rate, listsen to the gorgeous Raskin harmonies on Bad and the Beautiful and ask yourself if it's possible Burt Bacharach wasn't influenced by this guy.  I don't know about you, but I hear Burt.

My copy of this EP is in excellent-minus condition, so cleaning it up was a breeze.  Easy listening EPs are often not in such fine shape.  Believe me.

Anyway, the perfect EP for our Mondy night mood morsel.  Take it away,

Percy Faith--Music from Hollywood, Pt. II



mel said...

Thanks, Lee.

DonHo57 said...

Thanks for some sweet Percy music, Lee. Running late, so this will be a Tuesday morning mood-maker for me. And I'll be hearing the tinkling and smash of champagne glasses a la Spike all day now...

rockindoc said...

Many thanks