Tuesday, July 09, 2019

This. Is. Unreal.

I bought a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion for a decent amount of bread at Best Buy.  This will be the second time I'll have to bring it in to the Geek Squad.  I will inform them that, if a third visit is needed, I want the product returned and my money back.  This is beyond human belief.

This thing can't even run my MAGIX software.  Five times the program closed on me, all of my work going with it.  I thought maybe it was a Windows 10 comparability issue, so I downloaded a trial version of  a new MAGIX program--roughly the equivalent of my Cleaning Lab MX.

My PC FROZE.  It froze solid.  Wouldn't move.  Nothing.  Apparently, it's allergic to software.  I overtaxed it by attempting to USE my trial software.

You know--I've looked everywhere on the chassis.  Nowhere do I see the words, "Do not attempt to use this product."  Or "Software not supported."

Is this thing supposed to be a nice addition to the floor?  I had my heart set on the thing working.  Functioning.  Best Buy led me to believe this thing would function.  As a PC.  Was I misinformed?

I don't like being this angry (enraged is more like it).  I hope I don't lose my temper at Best Buy.  I lost it over the phone to the Geek Squad.  I don't like losing my temper.  I also do not like paying good money for a PC that can't even run a piece of freaking software.

Wish me luck.  This thing goes back.  One more problem, it goes back.



groovylounge said...

Apple all the way!

Ernie said...

Most likely a problem with the software, but they'll tell you otherwise. That's just the way it goes with these things sometimes. :(

Lee Hartsfeld said...


Yeah, I've often thought about Apple, since Windows is a mess at best. But there's the software compatibility issue. You can't win. "They" set it up so you can't win. Whoever "they" are. It's a good thing for "them" that nobody knows who "they" are.


Actually, the GS guy suggested just that. They're very upfront, and they totally act like they're on the buyer's side. I find that really cool. He even said it could be a conflict with some of the crap 10 stuffs into its cluttered line-up. I guess Windows doesn't give a hang if we end up with unusable programs. Not their problem.

groovylounge said...

There is always equivalent Mac software that's probably a lot better.