Sunday, December 15, 2019

Santa's Magic Mirror (Avon/Eva-Tone; 1982)

A repost from last year of a very fun Avon flexi disc, a disc which answers an age-old question: how does Santa get toys to all the children in the world when there's only one of him?  When there's just a single Santa?  Ahhhh, but is there only one Santa?  Listen and find out.  (Hm.  I think I just gave away the plot....)

Flexi discs, being paper-thin, often turn up with bends in them--a real problem during playback.  Luckily, whoever owned this Eva-Tone record kept it in the booklet's pocket--hence, its excellent condition.  The magic mirror on the cover, however, is pretty scratched up, so I photo-edited it.  As a result, it looks pitch-black, though in real life it's silver.  It actually works as a mirror, too, and the image is only slightly distorted.  In the event you wanted to know.

To the Avon Christmas story....

DOWNLOAD: Avon Presents Santa's Magic Mirror (1982)

Created By MacDonald Creative Marketing, made by Eva-Tone, 1982



Anonymous said...

Tnks for sharing my mother , my grandma who raised me brough me this have emotional memories hear that ,i downloaded ...i dont know what happen with the disc but the memories are intact..tnks

Lee Hartsfeld said...

You're very welcome! Thanks for visiting.