Monday, October 20, 2014

Dinos meet Dracula!

So, I am back with more Halloween-dinosaur images.  Today's set of dino funnies features dinosaurs from my collection as they interact with Count Dracula, Frankenstein (a.k.a., the Frankenstein monster), mummies, pumpkin people, and the like.  I should note that my blogging schedule this Halloween has been affected by two minor setbacks: 1) a 48-hour hospital stay for pneumonia (after my blood pressure read 77/48 at the VA clinic!), and 2) the frying of my PC motherboard by a power surge, which removed access to all my photos scans.  Oops.  My PC is now an ex-PC, though our tech believes the hard drive data is probably savable.  Knock on wood.  (Rap, rap!  Oh, hi, accidentally summoned spirit.  Um....  Well, this is awkward.)

So, I've done some more photos and I scrounged a music track to be added to this post at the earliest opportunity.  Here's Dinos Meet Dracula!



Aging Child said...

First off, Lee, we're glad you're back in action, hopefully no worse for the wear from a couple days of hospital food, and exposure to the happy hospital (ahem) staph!

There's also something slightly seasonally appropriate in your motherboard getting thoroughly electrocuted, and then some expert in a white jacket suggesting it could be brought partly back to life. Zzztt... "It's alive, it's alive!" Paging Marty Feldman...

And I was going to ask about the story behind your figurines (origin, concept) - especially the intriguing ant people - but I withdraw that before even venturing the question; some are so odd (and the juxtapositions so unintuitive!) that I'd rather have the delighted frustration, than the mystery solved.

(Wait; a double-headed dinosaur? Bizarre!)

Keep it up, Lee... and take care of your health. (Bev, too!) I can phone Rent-A-Yenta, and they can deliver you a nice bowl of chicken soup... no bones about it.

Happy hauntings!

Kind regards,
A. Gene Childe

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Thanks! I'm doing my best to look after my health, and in fact I've got a lot more energy and whatnot since leaving the hospital a couple weeks back. My migraine situation, however, isn't so good. It seems that anything and/or everything works as a trigger for migraine. I'll be seeing my VA neurologist on Wednesday (for a second visit), and I hope he can tell me what I should be doing on top of what I've already done, such as quitting caffeine, decongestants, chocolate, MSG, peanuts, Triptan, and my SSRI. Recent experience tells me I dare not take antihistimates, either, but what CAN I take for allergies? Hallllp!!

I may, in fact, start with, "HALLLLP!!"

Rent-a-Yenta. Cool!

A lot of my monster toys I'm unable to i.d. myself. Thanks to eBay, I've discovered that many of the toys I considered nameless knock-offs are actually from various Japanese monster series, but beyond that.... My favorites are my faux Godzillas, but even those could turn out to be a type/species of Godzilla. All manner of weird, Godzilla- and Rodan-like creatures turn out to be Ultraman characters, for example....