Thursday, October 09, 2014

Serious dinosaurs

These are serious dinosaurs--no dorky dinos here. From my boxes of dinosaur toys. Yes, these dinos are serious, in contrast to the occasional caption. Well, as serious as made-in-Hong-Kong and made-in-China dinos can be, but they try hard.

Tim-Mee, Marx (Marx copies?), Imperial, and Nabisco dinos, with who knows what else tossed in.  See them rampage.  See them wander aimlessly.  See them pose seven times on the same light blue Rubbermaid lid, which looks green in one shot because I messed with the color balance.

Can it get any sillier?  Yes, absolutely.  Next post: Dinosaurs in Space.

Music: Halloween Dinosaurs (Hartsfeld)--Me, on the Casio WK-3800.

                      Click here to hear: Halloween Dinosaurs (Hartsfeld)


1 comment:

Aging Child said...

Heh-heh; Lee, you have more fun than most grown men should... lead on!

Thanks for your newest dorky dino compositions, too (even though most dinos - dorky or not - have long-since DEcomposed)!

Your Brontosauri - Diplodoci? Remind me of the old Sinclair logo... d'you recall that? (e.g.,

Hah! Diplodorcus!

Kind regards,
A. Gene Childe