Wednesday, December 23, 2020

2018's Sackfuls (sacks full?) of Christmas--links thereto

Almost-Christmas greetings!  While I try to get my main 78 post finished (all the while, hoping that I'm not duplicating anything I've already posted this season), here are links to my two 2018 "Sackful of Singles" series, in which I see Liberace's pic sleeve and 78--the one I just featured.  The one I hailed as the first appearance of Liberace at this blog.  Oops.  Evidently, he's visited here before.

My only excuse is that two years is a long stretch when measured in blogger time.  An eternity, almost.

Wonderful comments this year, including tons of information on the Japense Christmas single I posted.  I had no idea there were three different children's choruses on that EP--all well known in Japan, too.  I plan to incorporate the comment into into my post--once I'm finished ripping and scanning here.  As always, I could use a staff.  (Not for walking--not yet, anyway.)  A big thanks to everyone who has commented this season, whether to share priceless info or just to say "Thank you."  The comments mean a lot, and... thanks!

The track listings are at the original posts...


First sackful of singles  

Second sackful of singles



Ernie said...

Thanks for the reposts, Lee. I'm sure there are plenty of folks who missed 'em the first time around. :)

Happy Christmas Eve to you! Santa's almost here!!

Bryan said...

Hi Lee, Wow no comments what a pity. Anyway, loved both of these collections. Nice to hear the same old songs by someone different. Productions that are not overproduced. Plus lots of new, at least for me, different songs to enjoy. Sometimes you can only take so much listening to the same old thing. I was just thinking, while also checking out Ernie's blog and some nifty selections there, I have noticed that there are missing other versions of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". I mean it is an old song. I guess not popular for some reason? Just a thought. Bryan

rev.b said...

Hi Bryan, Lee, etc, Well, it's not for lack of ears. I thought I left a comment last night, but damned if I can find it now. I'll try again on the next post later tonight. Right now we're grooving to Holiday Inn w/ Bing, Rosemary and the gang.

Diane said...

CricKETT and Ambrose in the same post? Too cool. Merry, merry!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Ernie, Hope you had a great Christmas! Just back from three days without email

Byran, "Twelve Days..." doesn't seem to appear on vinyl very often, probably because of its length, and because of the additive chorus, a la Old MacDonald Had a Farm, The Peanut Song, etc. Expanding chorus might be a better phrase for it--I'm sure there's a formal name for that device.

Rev. B--I'll check out Blogger and see if your comment is there--occasionally, Blogger's notification feature slips up.

Hope you all had a great 25th!